Simple Content Editing

Web content can be edited easily and quickly with the rich text editor using common editing skills.  The layout is WYSIWYG and no coding is required. Pages support text, tables, images, links and embedded media so you aren't limited in what you can produce with Websby

Websby's unique approach to styling allows for the same document to be displayed in very different formats by using one or more custom configuration forms to apply styles to the document differently.  

Of course, there is a default setting that ensures that all documents adhere to your district's style settings and the same easy editor is used for feeds and blogs. 

Powerful Publishing Control

Much of your web content will be made up of information that is posted to the web as it happens.  

Websby features tight control over how this information is published including:

  • If it has been approved for publishing
  • When it becomes live 
  • When it expires
  • Removing it manually from the web

Feeds are created using the same simple but powerful document editor as are documents, and feed posts can contain all of the same rich content including tables, images, and embedded media.

Adding media is really easy with seamless access to your computer's hard drive, Microsoft One Drive, Google Drive, or through a URL to  a video or other link.  Adding images to documents and posting feeds is as simple as drag and drop.


Calendars are similarly managed with every event in the main school calendar subject to approval for publishing to the web.

Easy Page Layouts

While the overall design of the website is managed by the Webmaster, the layout of the content on any page is governed by the school's Web Manager.  Assembling the page is done through an easy and intuitive interface, and Websby's Layout Manager console allows for the creation of layouts ranging from simple, single web pages, all the way to complex collections of documents, news feeds, calendars, slideshows and web widgets.

Layouts can be rearranged to re-order content, and the school's home page layout (the root layout) has some special features; The school website header menu is manged from the root and panels of content can even be broadcast to the top or bottom of all other pages in the site.

If the creation of side menus is allowed in the site, every layout has a side menu builder.

Powerful Directory Listing

Websby can tie into your district's data systems to get the staff directory for each school.  The Directory Publisher in Websby makes it easy to list the key information about staff members, and to publish or not publish staff pictures.

The directory can be filtered in advance so that only staff members matching a certain criterion or several criteria will be displayed so that, for example, Administrators  can be listed separately from Teachers and Substitute Teachers.

Once displayed on the web, the directory can be filtered by web visitors by name or any text in the listing so that staff members may be found quickly and easily.   

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