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About Us

We've been working with education websites since 2002.  We know a lot about them.  We know a lot about you.  


Dowdell Incorporated is the developer of the Websby web content management solution, that brings enterprise-class management and design to district and school websites.  Based in Ontario Canada, we've worked with large and small educational and corporate clients in North America, Europe and Scandinavia.


Originally founded in 1993 as a database solutions company, we began development of our web platform in 2002 and have refined it continuously over the past 20 years.


Over the past 14 years the platform has become increasingly powerful and flexible, and has been used by hundreds of school systems across North America.  Most recently, the system was ported to a new cloud-based infrastructure to work with the fantastic Edsby LMS/CMS/Engagement platform that is taking the educational world by storm.


Our combined solutions provide schools with an unparalleled feature set, 99.9% reliability and high performance, all while reducing costs for use.


We've served over 150 school districts, as well as corporate clients, and we have an excellent reputation for innovative solutions, customer-centered thinking, excellent customer service and solid technical knowledge.  

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